More Nom Nom Nom….

Poor Red Bone collar can’t find his Dinner


Madonna Boys

Madonna girls

Kachina Girls

Kachina Boys..2 weeks old

Madonna’s Lil Suckers

Kelsey is still trying to crop  todays here is a video of them nursing 🙂  Madonna is wearing her speacil necklace. It was given to her from a lady in Asheville 🙂

Saturday..Nov 12..

I know everyone is waiting for new pictures!!   Will get them posted sometime this weekend. All the pups are getting fatter, trying to walk, and most have eyes open.  Growling and some barking too.     The Mama’s will get baths today .

Interesting morning  a couple weeks ago. not sure if I should tell on myself

Every evening I set up the coffee maker to brew at 6 AM.   I like my coffe ready as soon as I let the dogs out to potty.  Love that smell of fresh coffee..ummm ummm.

So I smell the coffe and the alarm has not gone off. I look at clock and its 5 AM. Which means  by the time I get up at 6, the coffe will have that burned taste..yuck!! 

so drag out of bed to go see what I messed up. 

Go to kitchen..NO coffe brewing!!  What???  Im sure I smelled coffee.

Go back to bed room and I smell Doggie DOO!!!    Ziva had gone and pooped in the shower ( nice of her to do that..learned from Madonna)!!!

so does Ziva’s  DooDoo smell like coffe? or does my coffe smell like  S**T!!  

Of course Howard says that Ivy’s poo smells like Roses…  🙂

Group picture of Madonna pups

Group Pictures of Kachina Litter

Kachina Boys

Here are Kachinas Boys