Madonna’s pups are almost 9 weeks old

Red boy is now named Spike. His new family is here visiting from Connecticut. They will go home on Sunday. He;s been busy visiting Highlands and enjoying the campground.

Blue boy will leave early Saturday morning to FL !! His new family is driving here on friday to  pick him up. His new name is Ace 🙂

PinkSkulls left last Saturday. She went to live in GA with Sue , Richard and ‘Tess”. her new name is Tally ( Tintlet Up Close and Personal)

on Jan 5th a good friend is coming from Colorado to pick up her new girl. We still don’t know which one will be best suited, but most likely Flower or Argyle.


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  1. Cathy Presley

    As Ace’s new family, we are so excited to meet him in person and bring him home to sunny Florida. He’s got a new house and yard, a pool, lots of great neighbor pups (and people), a 7 year old hilarious dog brother and a 9 year old girl just dying to love him. See you tomorrow!

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