Kachinas puppies are 8 weeks old

Kachinas puppies are 8 weeks old, and several have gone to their new homes.

Cream boy and Redpaws boy have went to live in Highlands, NC.  I’m glad they are close so we can see them often  🙂 their new names are Champ and Panache

Lilac Girl went to live with my friend Bob and Niki Murphy in Winston-Salem, NC.  I have known Niki for many years, and Bob is our scissor and blade sharpener.  Lilac’s name is now Karma.

Purple Paws boy and Magenta girl are staying here for now. Purple paws is now Encore( Tintlet Curtain Call)   and magenta is now Billie ( Tintlet Lady Sings The Blues)

Racer went home today in GA, and I don’t know what his new name will be 🙂


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  1. Racer is “Doctor Ratliff!” Otherwise known as “Doc”…. he is currently being taken outside to do his business though so he is unavailable for any wisdom….
    From some very proud parents in Atlanta…..

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