Puppy’s Big Adventures

Starting on Saturady..the puppies  had big adventures!!    Kachina’s pups moved over to Gloria’s house, and are rooming with Madonna puppies!!    13 puppers…12 are dark, so it’s tough to keep track  🙂   

 Saturday they learned about playing together on the plastic toys..and started going in and out an open door in the doggie door room).  On Sunday the door was closed and the doggie door flap tied open.  All of them learned to go in and out the DD. it’s quite an ordeal as they have to climb over the edge, and its about as high as their backs. 

Saturday also introduced crates.  they sleep all together in 2 crates. Door are tied open, so they can come and go as they please.  They are learning to climb stairs, and to terrorize Hubby’s Man Cave. the ate the shoelaces out of my shoes… and took ALL the toys into the bed under the desk….and played tug with my socks.   They LOVE the toys with bells

By Sunday they had mastered the DD really well. NO poopies in the house…all of it was outside ..YIPPEEEE.  a couple fo peepee’s on the papers, but that’s all.:-)

Today the Boys went with me to the grooming shop and the girls stayed home.  Boys did great!!!  they got baths and faces trimmed. plus met a couple new people. Lots of strange sounds and they acted like it was normal.   Did learn to use my RedNeck Doggie door.( I set them out he window to go potty). they cried when they had to go out and then barked when they wanted back in. 

Car ride was good too. all went in a crate and were very quiet. Not like Miss Tammy who like to wedge herself between the rear crate and the ceiling. Then she watches the cars behind us..such a silly girl!!!


and the best thing tonight..they learned to eat PIZZA BONES!! WOO HOO!!

PS..they just unrolled the papertowels I left on the floor. BAD Mommy!!



  1. Sue Kelly

    Where are the new pictures? I need my weekly fix of puppy pictures!

  2. I know we need new pictures!! The weather has not been co-operating for nice outside candids. The grooming shop is swamped for the next 2 weeks, so working late too. then it’s time to play with the puppers all evening

    I’m sorting out who might be the right match for my new puppy families 🙂

  3. janice

    Great update!!! Needless to say, I LOVE the potty part! and the toys, and the grooming, and the puppy piles….

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