Cookies from Cookieman!!

Bill the Cookieman sent us a box of cookies. Howard has been really sick ( diabetic foot ulcers) and has been in and out of hospital for a few weeks. He goes back for more surgery this coming weekend.  He’s in a wheelchair, but the Poodles take good care of him 🙂


Piper Video!!!

Here is Piper..kissing her Daddy!!

“Ace” Graduates from Puppy School!

“Ace”  from our 2011 Rune & Madonna litter, graduated from his first puppy class!

Congratulations to Ace & his owners!

Miss Ellie (pink)

Miss Ellie is available.  She is now 12 weeks old, sweet and cuddly.  She’s looking for a nice calm home where she can get lots of kisses. 

Available boy

Bones went to a new home this weekend( 1/22) ..he now has his own 7 year old BOY!!!

Madonna’s pups are almost 9 weeks old

Red boy is now named Spike. His new family is here visiting from Connecticut. They will go home on Sunday. He;s been busy visiting Highlands and enjoying the campground.

Blue boy will leave early Saturday morning to FL !! His new family is driving here on friday to  pick him up. His new name is Ace 🙂

PinkSkulls left last Saturday. She went to live in GA with Sue , Richard and ‘Tess”. her new name is Tally ( Tintlet Up Close and Personal)

on Jan 5th a good friend is coming from Colorado to pick up her new girl. We still don’t know which one will be best suited, but most likely Flower or Argyle.

Kachinas puppies are 8 weeks old

Kachinas puppies are 8 weeks old, and several have gone to their new homes.

Cream boy and Redpaws boy have went to live in Highlands, NC.  I’m glad they are close so we can see them often  🙂 their new names are Champ and Panache

Lilac Girl went to live with my friend Bob and Niki Murphy in Winston-Salem, NC.  I have known Niki for many years, and Bob is our scissor and blade sharpener.  Lilac’s name is now Karma.

Purple Paws boy and Magenta girl are staying here for now. Purple paws is now Encore( Tintlet Curtain Call)   and magenta is now Billie ( Tintlet Lady Sings The Blues)

Racer went home today in GA, and I don’t know what his new name will be 🙂

Puppy Packs

Kelsey took some pictures of things she puts in the puppy packs .

Veterinary Checkup

Today all the pups went for Vet checks. Everyone was fine .   They received the first Distemper/Parvo vaccine.  Finishing shaving faces and feet today.. most of them got baths yesterday, but that never lasts 🙂

Kelsey is finishing assembling the puppy kits.  $122.00 just to make copies of all the info..EEKKKK

Happy Holidays!!!

Here are Madonna’s babes

Blue Boy..Blue bow; Red Boy, Red bow: RedBone Boy..Green bow; Skully Girl has Yellow bow; Flower Girl has White bow; Pink Girl and Pink/white bow; and Argyle Girl has an Orange bow.